Mark Zuckerberg: 'I don't have time to surf Facebook'! 3

Mark Zuckerberg: ‘I don’t have time to surf Facebook’!

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg just appeared as a guest on the latest episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Many personal questions did not make Meta’s boss feel uncomfortable.

Every morning, Mark Zuckerberg wakes up to `millions` of messages being sent.

In the past, he often chose to jog, but Mark realized he often `thought too much` when running, so later he chose things that required high concentration.

When asked by Joe Rogan if he limits time spent on social media or controls his children’s access to social media, Mark said that 3.5 billion people use Meta’s platforms, and

Explaining the reason, Mark said he `always has things to do` and has to `maintain control` of his time so as not to react strongly `to the things people throw at me`.

`You can spend all your time reacting to that. But what creates long-term success is proactively taking time to care for yourself, exercising to improve your physical health, going out for walks and spending time

Regarding his two children, who are only 6 and 5 years old, Mark expressed no concern about children using social networks.

According to Meta’s CEO, exposure to modern technology is good for children if there is control over content and direction from parents.

For adults, modern technology and social networks can help people work remotely, `live wherever they want and appear anywhere` but still connect and get work done.

Mark said the company has spent $10 billion on a variety of research this year, including research into developing virtual reality technology, `waveguide` technology that can be made from plastic or glass.

Recently, Meta launched a plan to launch Meta accounts and Meta Horizon profiles with many new features that partly address concerns about users’ personal privacy.

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