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Symbolize your vision of the world and live in harmony with Nature. The Yin Yang Shop® allows you to express your values through the Yin Yang symbol and to fill up with positive energy !


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Yin Yang Rings

True symbol of an art of living, these Yin Yang rings express the Nature that is all around us. Meticulously handcrafted, they express a very strong philosophy.

Made by experienced and passionate craftsmen, first quality materials are used to manufacture these jewels such as steel 316L and solid silver.

☯ The Yin Yang is then engraved, enameled or painted to give the final look to the jewelry.

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yin yang tee shirts

Yin Yang T-Shirts

Emblem of Chinese martial arts or fashion sign, wearing a Yin Yang shirt will perfectly reflect your identity.

Nostalgic symbol of the 90's or icon of a philosophy of life, it can have several interpretations and you will find a Yin Yang apparel that suits you !

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yin yang tapestry

Yin Yang Wall Hanging

Bring a positive ambiance into your favorite room with a great Yin Yang decoration. Let the good vibes flow into your home !

Made with a soft and light fabric our Yin Yang wall tapestries will fit perfectly in your living room or meditation room. From patterns and colors to beautiful mandalas, you will surely find the perfect wall decoration!

Chinese Baoding Balls

Yin Yang balls also called Baoding Balls have been used for centuries to relieve joint pain in the hands and fingers.

🇨🇳 Straight from Chinese medicine these healing balls are made in the Asian tradition, hand painted and molded in resin or iron.

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Yin Yang will no longer have any secrets for you !

Discover the hidden meaning of the Yin Yang symbol and also many tips on Chinese medicine, Taoism, Chinese culture and even martial art.

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Welcome to The Yin Yang Shop® !

This is the best place for all followers of Taoism and Yin Yang philosophy !

Like you, I follow "The Way" and seek harmony in body, mind and Nature. And why not the quest for immortality... ?

☯ Here you will find everything related to the black and white symbol such as jewelry, clothes, accessories and decoration. All made in a spirit of balance and unity to find inner peace.

The Yin Yang Shop® ships its products all over the world and for FREE.

If you have any suggestions, questions or special requests send them a message with the contact form.

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