Thai election: Both parties declared victory, ready to form a government 0

Thai election: Both parties declared victory, ready to form a government

(Dan Tri) – The two leading parties in Thailand’s general election both declared victory and planned to call on allies to form a government.

Pheu Thai party supporters’ reaction after the primary election results were announced.

According to BBC, preliminary election results show that Palang Pracharat, the pro-military government party of current Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, is holding a larger `market share` of the popular vote.

Meanwhile, Pheu Thai, the largest opposition party ousted from the government in a 2014 coup, currently wins the most seats in parliament.

Of the 500 seats in the House of Representatives, voters will directly choose 350 members of the House of Representatives, while the remaining 150 seats will be calculated according to the ratio of votes each party wins after the election.

Thailand’s Election Commission (EC) today announced that Pheu Thai, the party closely associated with former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, won 138 seats out of 350 powerful seats in the lower house.

However, which party wins the race for the remaining 150 seats in the House of Representatives has not yet been announced by the EC.

According to the results of counting more than 90% of votes as of today, Palang Pracharat party leads with 7.6 million popular votes, while Thailand’s largest opposition party Pheu Thai has less than 500,000 votes.

Thai election: Both parties declared victory, ready to form a government

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha voted in Bangkok on March 24.

The Pheu Thai Party today said it has begun negotiations with other parties opposed to the military government to form a government.

“We will try to form a coalition government immediately because it will be shown by the votes of the people.

Meanwhile, the pro-military Palang Prachat party today announced that its goal is to form a government after winning a majority of votes in the recent general election.

“Palang Pracharat will dialogue with parties with similar positions, parties with similar ideologies and views of moving the country forward.

Although he confirmed that the Palang Prachat party had begun negotiations with a number of other parties to form a coalition government, Mr. Kobsak also said that the Palang Prachat party would wait until the election commission announced the official results.

Former Prime Minister Thaksin `accused` of fraud

Thai election: Both parties declared victory, ready to form a government

Former Prime Minister Thaksin and his sister Yingluck appeared at Thaksin’s daughter’s wedding in Hong Kong on March 22 while being wanted (Photo: SCMP)

Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who is wanted by the Thai government and currently lives in exile abroad, today said that the votes of the Palang Pracharat party showed many unusual signs.

`Everyone in Thailand and international monitoring organizations see signs of irregularities in the election. We should call it a rigged election and this is not good for Thailand,` AFP

Mr. Thaksin criticized the Palang Pracharat party for `manipulating` the election, and said the military government was `fearful`.

The general election that just took place is the first election since the military coup in 2014. This coup overthrew former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra, Mr. Thaksin’s sister.


According to BBC

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