Discover 3 unique touch points for technology enthusiasts at FPT Techday 2021 7

Discover 3 unique touch points for technology enthusiasts at FPT Techday 2021

FPT’s biggest technology event of the year FPT Techday 2021 will take place online on December 2 and 3 with many activities surrounding the theme `Comprehensive reconstruction, breakthrough in the Green Normal` (Thrive

‘Technology arena’ with prizes up to 1 billion VND

‘Technology Arena’ is organized with two competitions: Avengers Lockdown and Coder Gladiator, for young people from 12 to 25 years old who know how to use one of the following programming languages: C#, C++,

In particular, Avengers Lockdown will simulate the battle with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The winning team will receive 20 million VND in cash and one year of using FPT’s AI and Cloud resources, worth 500 million VND.

In the Coder Gladiator content, there are three competition tables for three groups of middle school, high school and college students to find the person who can code the fastest and most accurately on the problem from the organizers.

Gladiators register to compete directly at to have the opportunity to immediately receive attractive gifts.

Experience the technology exhibition `Smart Green City`

The technology-loving community has the opportunity to access and fully experience a smart and safe city model during a pandemic, in the new context of Binh Thuong Xanh – `living with a pandemic` in the exhibition category.

With the theme Green Smart City, viewers can witness the activities of governments, organizations, businesses and individual lives operating in a new way.

In particular, this city model revolves around the core foundation of technology, through technology solutions and products, thereby rebuilding the operations of fields, organizations and individuals – everywhere.

Discover 3 unique touch points for technology enthusiasts at FPT Techday 2021

In-depth seminar session on future technology trends

The conference gathered more than 50 speakers who are business leaders, consultants, and leading technology experts at home and abroad such as Mr. Truong Gia Binh – Chairman of the Board of Directors of FPT;

In particular, in the main thematic session, Mr. Truong Gia Binh will present the Mission of technology in Binh Thuong Xanh – Technology for humanity.

In addition, the seminar sessions focused on discussing technology trends in depth and providing future technology development directions such as Blockchain, AI, Cloud… in many fields such as real estate, finance, banking.

FPT Techday is an annual technology forum organized by FPT Corporation with the leading scale and stature in Vietnam.

Through each event, FPT hopes to bring attendees new perspectives on how technology can change and how technology can support people to explore their potential in business and life.

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