Mr. Trump officially defined US-Russia relations 2

Mr. Trump officially defined US-Russia relations

The friendliness of the Trump – Putin duo is only a private feeling, the US – Russia relationship is not shaped by that feeling…

What will the US-Russia relationship look like under the Trump administration, or more specifically, how will Washington and Moscow begin a new chapter in their relationship, when will it start, and what conditions will be set?

`Russian hacking` is said to be one of the reasons that helped Mr. Trump win the election, the new US president’s sympathy for the current Russian head of state or the businessman president’s selection of some supposed characters.

The friendliness of the Trump – Putin duo does not shape US – Russia relations.

And the fact that President Obama’s administration, at the twilight of its term, is still determined to find fault, erecting many barriers for new President Trump in improving US-Russia relations, makes the prediction of a new relationship worse.

However, things were not as everyone imagined.

According to The Wall Street Journal on January 13, when interviewed by this Journal, President-elect Trump asked the question: `Why is someone punished just because they are doing real things?`

The writer personally believes that, through that seemingly friendly question, the 45th president of the United States briefly and fully summarized the US-Russia relationship under his administration.

Or to be more precise, the new US president shaped the Washington-Moscow relationship when he assumed power.

Mr. Trump has officially set conditions for improving US-Russia relations

Perhaps those who were worried that Mr. Trump might immediately unwind the US-Russia relationship breathed a sigh of relief when the new president expressed his opinion on `why punish Russia if they do great things?`

President Obama was able to leave the White House with relief when Mr. Trump sent him off with a conditional assumption for US-Russia relations.

Mr. Obama as well as those who worry that Mr. Trump’s sympathy for Mr. Putin can quickly improve Washington-Moscow relations, the reason is fear of Russia doing things that are not good for the United States.

But when Mr. Trump makes the proposition `if Russia does great things for America`, Mr. Obama can recognize that the US-Russia relationship cannot be friendly over time.

And if Russia can do good things for America, Mr. Trump’s release, removing barriers to US-Russia relations, opening a new chapter in the relationship between the two countries will not make Mr. Obama sad.

Because actually the 44th president of the United States also wants good things for Americans, but unfortunately his administration cannot prove that what Russia does is great for America.

And so to ensure the safety of America, and to be good for Americans, President Obama’s administration has created tangible barriers to US-Russia relations through embargoes, sanctions or downgrading relations.

And what Mr. Trump did differently from Mr. Obama was to create an invisible barrier for the US-Russia relationship, which he gave to the opponent on the condition of doing great things for America.

Because the Trump administration has given the key to opening and closing US-Russian relations to the Kremlin, the Russians have complete initiative in this situation.

It can be seen that the real estate billionaire always brings public opinion from one surprise to another in expressing his views as well as the direction of action for his government.

Mr. Trump has defined the nature of US-Russia relations in the new period

With the proposition established through the question: `Why is someone punished just because they are doing really great things. If Russia is really helping us, why impose sanctions?`,

It can be seen that, from the birth of the Soviet Union until before Mr. Trump entered the White House, the US-Russia relationship was not a symbiotic relationship, but the nature of the relationship between Washington and Moscow was always mutually destructive.

The fact that the Western Front was opened by the Anglo-American coalition was because London was attacked by the German fascists and was in danger of being leveled, while the American forces were defeated by the Japanese fascists at Pearl Harbor.

When World War II ended, the Cold War formed and a new one-or-one battle between the United States and the Soviet Union in the process of creating influence on the international arena was opened.

The world political stage is tilted because of the ideological opposition between the two sides and destroying the other side is always the ultimate goal of each side’s strategy.

Mr. Trump officially defined US-Russia relations

New President Donald Trump has had a historic format in US-Russia relations.

When the Cold War ended, with its dominant position in the unipolar world revolving around the US axis, Washington implemented the motto `attack without attack` with post-Soviet Russia.

Looking through history to see that Trump’s shaping of the US-Russia relationship as symbiotic is a historic change.

We have to cooperate to recognize and realize the wonderful things about the other person in our relationship with you.

So what about the US side, is it doing great things with Russia?

Russia is so great, why does it have to be punished but not punished? It can be seen that the best thing America can do with Russia is just to remove sanctions.

So, from President Trump’s point of view, Russia’s great actions can only be exchanged for not being punished, and whether the US will do even better things for Russia or not is unknown.

In short, a friendly question from the business president of the United States created a historic turning point in US-Russia relations. It was very beneficial for America, but for Russia it was impossible to identify.

Thus, the friendliness of the Trump – Putin duo is only a private emotion, but the US – Russia relationship is not shaped by that emotion.

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