2 major platforms in Japan ban posting works by AI 1

2 major platforms in Japan ban posting works by AI

Recently, many illustrators in Japan have started to stop posting their artwork to the popular platform Pixiv, as well as making their previous posts private.

AI has created many illustrations that are as vivid as the drawings of many artists

And it seems like the pressure brought by the artists was enough for Pixiv FANBOX or Patreon of Illustrators to issue a press release, with a big announcement about the changes.

Accordingly, Pixiv FANBOX has announced a change to its policy.

`We have received a lot of feedback about the processing of AI artwork in Pixiv FANBOX. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by our carelessness in not keeping up with the rapid development of technology.

Pixiv FANBOX is a service that started with the desire to enhance the creative work of artists through the continuous support of fans.

However, users have recently started using Pixiv FANBOX with the aim of selling large amounts of content created in a short period of time through AI, and it seems that this trend will continue in the future.

Accordingly, we have decided to ban posting AI-generated artwork.

2 major platforms in Japan ban posting works by AI

Even FANTIA, another popular platform very similar to Pixiv FANBOX announced a similar ban:

`Thank you very much for using FANTIA, this is an announcement from the administration. As of October 2022, FANTIA has established a new category dedicated to AI-powered illustrations, so

At FANTIA, we have temporarily banned the publication of any work created through AI.

Finally, we deeply apologize to the users who actively participated by posting AI-generated jobs.

Faced with the move to ban AI-generated artwork by two major platforms, many netizens left comments on Japanese forums:

– I am very impressed, more severe measures have been taken than I expected.

– To me, it seems like a good measure, but we want more sanctions against those who dare to make money from AI work.

– Thank you very much!

– Well, it seems to me that it was the right decision on the part of Pixiv FANBOX.

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