Signs of 'hidden rich' people: Do not use phone cases 2

Signs of ‘hidden rich’ people: Do not use phone cases

Recently, the phrase `quiet luxury` or `stealth wealth` suddenly became a hot topic of discussion among netizens.

However, these terms are not simply for the fashion world.

At first glance, this secret seems so trivial that it’s easy to forget, but in fact, the evidence that it works is everywhere.

The message expressed here is very clear: It’s okay to not have a case, because I can afford to buy a new phone.

According to CNET, iPhone prices have increased 15% in the past 6 years, the highest increase since Apple launched this device.

For Rocio Martinez (31 years old), a financial executive from Boston (USA), back covers and screen protectors are indispensable for phones, this is the conclusion she came to after many times.

Signs of 'hidden rich' people: Do not use phone cases

`You won’t value a phone until you have to buy a new one for 1,000 USD (equivalent to 23 million VND). Sometimes I don’t want to use a case, but I feel insecure.

On the contrary, many people believe that the risks of machine failure are worth the aesthetic rewards.

Serdari said: `The phone itself is beautiful, so why do you have to put it in a case? Cases often come from famous fashion brands and this will go against the aesthetic style.`

Melissa Cepeda, a 31-year-old accountant in Los Angeles, has broken her phone many times, but she still chooses not to use a phone case to protect it.

Understanding this, many brands design a case that functions as a wallet – typically Prada.

Signs of 'hidden rich' people: Do not use phone cases

In addition, Serdari also warns that we should not equate people who do not use phone cases with being negligent and relying on themselves to have a lot of money.

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