The chaotic love life of a jade woman who committed adultery four times 2

The chaotic love life of a jade woman who committed adultery four times

After Jun Izutsu held a press conference to apologize to the media for his wife’s affair, Ryoko Hirosue responded, saying her husband met the media on his own, and there was no way she was hiding.

Since the press conference, many things have come to light.

Sharing with Weekly Bunshun, Ryoko Hirosue said she had two affairs with co-star Takeru Sato, once with a theater actor (unnamed) before wanting to end her marriage to marry chef Toba Shusaku.

After being discovered having an affair, the Japanese beauty said that her husband Jun Izutsu and the management company demanded money and forced Ryoko to break up with her lover.

Regarding the relationship with the Michelin-starred chef, Ryoko said company representatives repeatedly requested to meet.

The chaotic love life of a jade woman who committed adultery four times

The Japanese gem’s husband bowed his head and apologized for `my wife having an affair`.

According to Ryoko Hirosue, they had not yet had time to publicize their relationship when pictures of them arriving at the hotel were exposed by the press.

`I know that the company and my husband joined hands to drag me down to the abyss. It is impossible for the diary and handwritten love letters sent specifically to Toba Shusaku to be leaked. My husband, Jun Izutsu, even hid it from me and arbitrarily opened a press conference.

During the press meeting, Ryoko Hirosue said she and her husband separated a long time ago and tried to maintain their relationship for the sake of their children but could not.

`From today we will have to be apart for a while. Even though because of your trip we can’t see each other, I feel lonely`, `I really miss you. Even though I don’t want to admit it, thanks

These are the sensitive handwritten letters Ryoko Hirosue sent to her chef lover.

Currently, the Japanese press believes that the letters were released by Jun Izutsu to bring down his wife.

Ryoko Hirosue said she and her husband were separated, waiting for the divorce to be completed.

An account later accused Jun Izutsu of being behind everything to expose his wife’s affair.

Japanese media also revealed that Jun Izutsu is `not average`.

The chaotic love life of a jade woman who committed adultery four times

The moment that caused the Japanese beauty to end her career.

Currently, the person most criticized is Ryoko Hirosue.

After her adultery was exposed, Ryoko Hirosue had four major advertising contracts canceled.

The Nippon Kimono Holdings brand that has accompanied the actress for 13 years also decided to stop cooperation, according to Nikkan Sports.

A series of other brands decided to cancel contracts and remove advertising images and videos for the reason of `taking appropriate measures for behavior that affects the brand`.

A famous beer brand canceled the contract half a month after signing.

Before that, the Japanese princess wrote a handwritten letter of apology, knelt down in front of her children and was forgiven.

`This is a stain that is difficult to erase and affects my reputation. I am no longer confident in working during this period. I temporarily stop everything to think about the future. I apologize to Toba Shusaku’s wife and children for

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