One Piece live-action reveals the title and content of each episode 2

One Piece live-action reveals the title and content of each episode

It’s been a long time since the public first heard about the live-action adaptation of the One Piece manga.

Now, there are only a few weeks left until the live-action One Piece movie will officially launch to audiences worldwide.

The number of episodes is reduced from 10 to 8, with specific content as follows:

Episode 1: Romantic Dawn (Romantic Dawn)

Director: Marc Jobst

Writers: Matt Owens and Steven Maeda

Monkey D. Luffy is an optimistic young pirate with a dream of finding the One Piece treasure.

Luffy’s journey begins when he helps Koby escape an unwanted situation.

Episode 2: The Man in the Straw Hat (The Man in the Straw Hat)

Director: Marc Jobst

Screenplay: Ian Stokes

Luffy, Zoro and Nami find themselves imprisoned on an island occupied by the clown pirate Buggy.

Episode 3: Tell No Tales

Director: Emma Sullivan

Screenplay: Matt Owens and Damani Johnson

Luffy, Zoro, and Nami arrive at Syrup village, where they meet Usopp.

Episode 4: The Pirates Are Coming

Director: Emma Sullivan

Screenplay: Tiffany Greshler and Tom Hyndman

Luffy, Zoro and Nami fought the Black Cat crew.

Episode 5: Eat at Baratie!

Director: Tim Southam

Screenplay: Laura Jacqmin

Luffy and his teammates arrive at the floating restaurant on the sea of Baratie.

Episode 6: The Chef and the Chore Boy (The Chef and the Chore Boy)

Director: Tim Southam

Screenplay: Steven Maeda and Diego Gutierrez

The Straw Hats face a threat no one could have predicted.

Episode 7: The Girl with the Sawfish Tattoo (The Girl with the Sharp-toothed Sawfish Tattoo)

Director: Josef Wladyka

Screenplay: Tiffany Greshler & Ian Stokes and Allison Weintraub & Lindsay Gelfand

Straw Hat members help a teammate `liberate` their hometown.

Episode 8: Worst in the East (Nightmare in the East)

Director: Josef Wladyka

Screenplay: Matt Owens and Steven Maeda

A new pirate crew is born.

One Piece live-action reveals the title and content of each episode

Matt Owens, one of the writers of One Piece live-action, emphasized that the entire film is built, set into four arcs consisting of 2 episodes.

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