Is Hollywood living off its aging male gods? 2

Is Hollywood living off its aging male gods?

`The concept of a movie star is almost dead.`

After about a brilliant year with a series of billion-dollar movies such as Top Gun: Maverick, Avatar 2 or The Super Mario Bros.

Two outstanding blockbusters of this summer movie season are Indiana Jones and Wheel of Fate and Mission Impossible 7. Both works are directed by veteran action stars Harrison Ford (81 years old) and Tom Cruise.

In a place considered the capital of luxury and beauty, it is impressive that names like Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise still maintain their status.

Film studios will always look for faces to help them ensure revenue.

A series of `money-making` names in Hollywood are now in their twilight years.

Is Hollywood living off its aging male gods?

Of course, that was a half-joking, half-truth statement from the actor known as Hollywood’s `ageless man`.

The most recent example is Harrison Ford with Indiana Jones and the recent Wheel of Fate.

In 2019, Robert De Niro also caused controversy when he used AI technology to make his face look younger and played the role of an assassin in the movie The Irishman.

It’s natural for movie stars to age.

According to Variety, an anonymous producer in Hollywood lamented: `Over the past 10 years, we have been extremely bad at building a new generation of box office guarantees.`

At one time, many people thought Channing Tatum could be the savior of Hollywood, but then he failed with a series of failed projects.

Highlighting recent promising names such as Margot Robbie, Timothée Chalamet or Michael B Jordan, Variety’s source said that most of the most powerful figures in Hollywood are not too confident that they are real movie stars.

In Hollywood, from past to present, the only thing to judge a true movie star is nothing but movie revenue.

Another reason that is said to be the main reason why it is increasingly difficult for young actors to shine is that major Hollywood producers are too focused on the action genre and markets outside North America.

Is Hollywood living off its aging male gods?
Is Hollywood living off its aging male gods?

Hollywood needs more than a few young, attractive leading actors to compete with rising cinemas like Korea and China.

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