Why do so many people hate Apple? 1

Why do so many people hate Apple?

Apple is a very famous name and has many fans around the world.

In a recent survey called `Consumer Brand Hate`, to find the brand that consumers hate the most.

The more valuable brands are, the more people hate them

It’s a fact that the more famous you are, the more people know you, the more people hate you.

Apple is always in the leading position, the brand with the highest value, achieving the most success and also having the most praise.

Apple is completely different from the entire smartphone world

Why do so many people hate Apple?

Users often tend to stick with the products they have chosen.

When it comes to the smartphone world, it is divided into two distinct halves: Apple (iOS) and Android.

It’s easy for you to get into an argument defending your argument about the Android smartphone you’re using, and against the iPhone.

Because Apple is another benchmark of consumerism

Why do so many people hate Apple?

Apple has a special way to convince users to spend large sums of money on its products.

However, many people are not convinced by that, they think it is a mistake to spend thousands of dollars on a technology product when there are many alternatives at much cheaper prices.

For Apple fans

Why do so many people hate Apple?

Maybe something itself isn’t hateful, but the fan community causes a lot of negativity and animosity.

Even if your feelings toward Apple are neutral, having an Apple fan try to convince you how great Apple products are can have the opposite effect and make you angry.

Because Apple cares more about profits than users

Although Apple always brings the best products and cares about user experience.

Apple also arbitrarily reduced the iPhone’s performance to fix battery errors, but also forced users to accept buying a new iPhone.

Apple products are quite expensive

Why do so many people hate Apple?

From iPhone, iPad to MacBook or accessories, Apple products are all in the high-end segment and are not cheap.

Like the gap between rich and poor, it will give rise to jealousy and hatred.

And those are just a few of the reasons why many people hate Apple.

Reference: Phonearena

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