'Remembering' BlackBerry, the smartphone company I once loved 2

‘Remembering’ BlackBerry, the smartphone company I once loved

The article is shared by Mr. Jerry Hildenbrand at Android Central

I entered the smartphone game with a BlackBerry Curve and many people were like me back then.

In fact, BlackBerry really went down a long time ago when they missed too many opportunities.

Maybe no one cares, but I will miss this company.

'Remembering' BlackBerry, the smartphone company I once loved

I have used all Android smartphones from BlackBerry manufactured by TCL, and although there are still minor errors, I think these are good products.

People who like hardware will criticize them for being weak, people who love mechanical keyboards won’t like touch screen-only models, but the KEY series is too long due to the addition of this component.

I love the KEY2 so much, if TCL had updated it to Android 10 I would still be using it today.

'Remembering' BlackBerry, the smartphone company I once loved

However, a physical keyboard cannot save BlackBerry.

I bet that BlackBerry will never create a product with the most advanced configuration, beautiful OLED screen, good camera or anything else users want in 2020. BlackBerry is a very conservative company, past and present.

I don’t feel angry, just a bit sad for BlackBerry’s departure.

I still clearly remember the first BlackBerry I had, the BlackBerry 850 that the company released in 1999. It had a black and white screen, an almost useless web browser feature, and the ability to send Email at a time when no one used it.

It’s great, but not great enough to save BlackBerry’s life.

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