President Trump returns to the re-election race amid many `turbulences` 0

President Trump returns to the re-election race amid many `turbulences`

(Dan Tri) – In his first election campaign after 3 months attracting fewer attendees than expected, President Trump criticized the protests and defended the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

President Trump appeared to be welcomed by supporters in Tulsa on June 20 (Photo: Reuters)

On June 20, the White House owner held an election campaign in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the context of facing controversies on many fronts.

Before the event took place, Mr. Trump boasted that nearly 1 million people had registered for tickets for this important competition event.

“You are warriors, thank you,” Mr. Trump told the audience inside the BOK center.

“We have some very bad people out there who have been doing some bad things,” he said of protesters outside the center.

The US President also criticized some protesters protesting the death of black man George Floyd.

“The harassing left-wing mob is trying to destroy history, desecrate our monuments – our beautiful monuments – tear down statues and punish and harass anyone who does not comply with their demands.

Mr. Trump also defended the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, in the context that the number of deaths from the epidemic has reached more than 120,000 people and over 2.3 million people are infected.

“This is the negative side… When you test to that level, you will find many infected people.

The US leader also criticized the media for the way it reported on the pandemic and complained that the media chased away supporters from attending his election campaign.

At one point during the campaign, he said that Covid-19 has more names than any other disease and called it “Kung flu” (a play on words derived from “Kung-fu” (the word for Kung flu).

President Trump returns to the re-election race amid many `turbulences`
President Trump returns to the re-election race amid many `turbulences`

Many rows of empty seats at Mr. Trump’s election campaign on June 20 (Photo: Reuters)

Before taking place, Mr. Trump’s campaign had faced a lot of criticism for its large gatherings, while experts recommended avoiding crowded events to prevent the spread of the virus that causes Covid.

The choice of a campaign location in Tulsa is also controversial, because this city suffered the massacre of hundreds of black residents a decade ago, amid a rising wave of criticism of racism in the city.

President Trump is reeling back months of delays in his election campaign, while he is also facing a decline in approval ratings.


According to Reuters, SCMP

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