Yin Yang Rings

Discover this fabulous collection of rings handmade by our talented artisans with the most care and attention to details.

☯ Each Yin Yang Ring is filled with cosmic energy and represents the Chinese Taoist Philosophy.

yin yang rings for sale

Choose from different styles and shapes such as :

  • Yin Yang for men
  • Yin Yang spinning ring
  • Yin Yang diamond ring
  • or even Bagua ring

each adorned with the powerful Taijitu symbol of Chinese culture.

Yin Yang rings in 316L stainless steel

Forged in first quality steel, these Yin Yang rings have a unique design that will give strength to your identity and your values ! True symbol of the meaning of life, wearing a ring or a Yin Yang signet ring says a lot about the person who wears it, it expresses a way of life and a deep philosophy.

925 Sterling Silver Yin Yang Rings

Crafted in 925 silver, these magnificent rings reflect the beauty of Yin Yang and its energy. Give yourself one of these beautiful rings to symbolize your values and your vision of the world.

Our Yin Yang silver rings are also adorned with trigrams from the I-Ching and Bagua, a symbol found in Feng Shui. Also decorated with diamonds, engraved or gold plated, you will find the jewel that suits you best ! 💍

Yin Yang Rings for Couples

Great gift idea, a set of Yin Yang rings that represents two indissociable parts that form a harmonized whole ! This is the very definition of the Yin Yang philosophy and applies perfectly to your love story. Giving a ring to your loved one is a beautiful way to symbolize your love and attachment 👩‍❤️‍👨.

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How To Find Your Ring Size ?

  1. Cut a string or a piece of paper
  2. Wrap the string around your finger
  3. Mark the points where the ends meet
  4. Extend the string and measure the length (repeat 2-3 times to be accurate)
  5. Refer to the circumference chart below to find your ring size

ring size measure


Size US/CA

Size UK/AU




J 1/24.91.94
9S 1/25.92.34
10T 1/26.22.44
11V 1/26.52.54
14 Z37.22.84