Yin Yang Necklaces

Discover our beautiful collection of Yin Yang necklaces, all featuring the black and white Chinese symbol. Made with the utmost care and the highest quality materials.

☯ Each necklace represents Yin and Yang, the two opposing but vital forces that make up the universe.

yin yang pendant
Choose from different styles and shapes of pendants such as:

  • Yin Yang cat necklace
  • Yin Yang 2-piece necklace
  • Yin and Yang best friend necklace
  • Yin Yang couple necklace
  • or Yin Yang obsidian necklace

You will find gift ideas but also jewelry with a personal meaning because the Yin Yang sign is above all a philosophical symbol that recalls a lifestyle and a vision of the world.

We use various materials such as stainless steel, silver 925, but also natural stones such as obsidian, howlite, lava stone, or turquoise. Each of these stones has its specific virtues and allow to make these creation unique ! 📿

Meaning of a Yin Yang Necklace

The symbol of Yin Yang is present on each of these jewels, it gives a deep meaning of the purpose of the life and the Nature, that's why it is engraved or carved with the biggest care.

Wearing our jewelry serves as a reminder of the simple things around us that are the essence of the universe and our lives. Whether you are a practitioner of Taoism, Feng Shui, Kung Fu, Confucian philosophy or any other form of Chinese culture, wearing a Yin Yang pendant will bring you serenity and balance for a prosperous and happy life.

For a perfect harmony, we recommend that you take a look at our beautiful collection of Yin Yang bracelets. You will find beautiful pieces in leather and stainless steel.

Yin Yang Pendant for Men

The jewels are not only for the ladies !

You will find a large choice of necklaces completely suitable for men, made of stainless steel and with shapes in harmony with the Yang Energy. You can now express your philosophy of life with style while keeping a very masculine look.

Yin Yang Necklace for Couple

What could be more beautiful than symbolizing your union with a unique piece of jewelry ? Our Yin Yang necklaces for couples are unique gifts that carry a deep meaning of love and complicity ❤.

You will find for example:

  • Customizable Yin Yang necklace
  • Yin Yang cat necklace for couple
  • Yin Yang love necklace
  • Yin Yang necklace in 2 parts

Perfectly in the image of the Yin Yang, the man and the woman are two opposite beings but which cannot exist one without the other and form the humanity...