Yin Yang Jewelry

Yin Yang Jewelry

Discover these splendid Yin Yang jewelry, each of these unique jewels are decorated with a Taijitu symbol of Taoism.

The yin yang theory is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites as female-male, black-white, old-young, dark-light etc. which form a balanced ensemble.

Yin Yang Rings

Discover exceptional and unique creations in this collection of rings engraved with the yin yang symbol, made with the utmost care by our talented craftsmen in top quality materials such as 316 L stainless steel or 925 silver.

Yin Yang Bracelets

Made of beads, natural stone or leather, this collection of bracelets will remind you of the nature and balance of our universe ruled by opposing forces. Wear meaningful jewelry and feel the harmony with the cosmos each time you look at your wrist.

Yin Yang Necklaces

Made with the greatest care, these Yin Yang pendants are exceptional jewels and will bring you peace and serenity through the sign present on each one of these jewels.

Yin Yang Earrings

Wear this beautiful symbol to your ears with our collection of super quality earrings! Dare to look different with our various varieties of earrings such as dangle, carved in wood and stud earrings.