Yin Yang Jewelry

Explore these splendid Yin Yang jewelry, each of these pieces contains a deep philosophy symbolized by the Chinese black and white symbol.

☯ The theory of Yin Yang is that everything that exists is in the form of complementary and inseparable opposites, such as feminine-masculine, black-white, old-young, dark-light etc. together they form a balanced whole.

yin yang jewels

Exceptional Yin Yang Jewelry Ring

Discover exceptional and unique creations in this collection of rings engraved with the Yin Yang symbol. Made with the greatest care by our talented craftsmen using first quality materials such as 316 L stainless steel or 925 silver.

They reflect the state of mind of the person who wears it on his finger and must therefore be of the highest quality... 💍

A small overview of the various models that you will find in this Yin Yang rings collection:

  • Yin Yang signet ring
  • Tiger eye ring
  • Engraved ring
  • Sterling silver and gold plated ring
  • Yin Yang steel ring
  • Spinning ring

Discover the Yin Yang rings collection

Yin Yang Bracelets That Match With You

Made up of pearls, natural stones or leather, this collection of Yin Yang bracelets will remind you of the Nature and balance of our universe governed by opposing forces.

Wear these meaningful jewelry and feel the harmony with Nature every time you look at your wrist...

Find a vast choice of models such as:

  • Cuff bracelet
  • Chain-link bracelet
  • Yin Yang bracelet for friends
  • Love bracelet
  • Diamond bracelet
  • Yin Yang matching bracelets
  • and many more... !

Yin Yang Jewelry That Bring Serenity

Made with the greatest care, our Yin Yang necklaces are exceptional jewels and will bring you peace and serenity through the sign present on each of these pendants.

You will find original and surprising designs, such as the two-part pendants, perfect for making an exceptional gift 🎁.

Only first quality materials are used like obsidian for example, a black volcanic stone with many virtues. But also the silver 925, a noble material for the manufacture of jewels and stainless steel for necklaces which last in time.

Discover the Yin Yang necklaces collection

Yin Yang Jewelry For Couples

The symbol of Yin Yang reflects perfectly the harmony in a couple, that's why you will find a whole selection of jewels yin yang conceived for the couple, as the necklaces and bracelet in 2 parts which once joined together form only one.