Yin Yang Hoodies

Enjoy this collection of soft and cosy Yin Yang hoodies made with the most care with warm and comfortable materials. 

  • Cotton and Polyester
  • 3D Digital Printing
  • Drawstring
  • Kangaroo Pocket
  • Soft Fleece

Why a Yin Yang Hoodie ?

☯ A symbol of the 90's, the Yin Yang has since become a symbol that can be found in many fields. Wearing a Yin Yang hoodie allows you to stand out from the crowd and have an original look that shows your unique personality !

yin yang hoodie for sale
The symbol also conveys a philosophy of life and wearing a Yin Yang sweatshirt shows your values and your vision of the world... A great way to start a conversation about your way of thinking and your lifestyle... 🙏

High Quality Printed Hoodies with Really Original Yin Yang Designs !

Discover or rediscover this mythical symbol in many shapes ; from the simplest to the most original, including mixtures with other signs and various colors ! You will find among others the following models :

  • Wolf Yin and Yang Hoodie
  • Dragon Yin Yang Hoodie
  • Fire and Ice Yin Yang Hoodie
  • Yin Yang Cat Hoodie
  • and many more... !

Wear the symbol of Yin and Yang in an original variation of design and colors !
Experience the philosophy of the world in balance by wearing a unique and meaningful clothing. 😉

👚 Discover also the Yin Yang t-shirts collection for a totally balanced look !

How to Find Your Hoodie Size ?

Width : Measure from seam to seam
Length : Measure from the bust to hem



Width (inch)

Length (inch)