Yin Yang Balls
Meditation (47mm)

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Enhance your meditation sessions with these Chinese balls. Their use promotes joint relaxation and improves dexterity. Made of iron and resin, these balls are painted with the beautiful yin yang symbol.

Benefits of Chinese Medicine Balls

  • Relaxe muscles and joints
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Increase the energy level
  • Improve memory

How to Use :

First rotate the balls by simultaneously pushing them to change their position, so that the ball closest to the pinkie moves up and over, and the other ball is pushed down and along the palm by the thumb. Over time, the muscles in your hand and the neurons in your brain will refine to increase precision and control.

  • Material: Soft Enamel and Iron
  • Diameter: 47mm - 1.85 inches
  • With Chimes
  • Weight: 140gr
  • Traditional Manufacturing

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