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Yin Yang and the Tree of Life

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🌳 Do you know the Tree of Life ? A symbol of good luck represented by a tree with its roots and branches, it is often offered to our loved ones as protection. You probably also have it associated with the Yin Yang symbol, let's discover here why...

1) The Meaning of the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life means spiritual and physical fulfillment. It is characterized by its form. Its roots sink deep into the earth while its ramifications grow and ascend to the sky. From a symbolic point of view, a tree has 3 parts, including roots, trunk and crown.

A. Origin of The Tree of Life

As a symbol, the Tree of Life dates back to ancient times. The earliest known example was found in the Domuztepe excavations in Turkey 🇹🇷, which date back to around 7000 B.C. It is then thought that the symbol spread from there in many different ways.

tree of life symbol

A similar representation of the tree was found among the Acadians, dating back to 3000 BC. The symbols represented a pine tree, and since pine trees do not die, it is believed that the symbols are the first representations of The Tree of Life.

In many cultures there are various mythologies involving The Tree of Life. References to the symbol have been found in ancient Egypt, ancient Iran, ancient Mesopotamia and Urartu, and many other places.

The symbol was widely recognized and used in ancient cultures, so it is difficult to determine its exact origins and how it spread around the world 🌍.

yin yang tree of life canvas

B. Tree of Life symbol meaning

According to Chinese tradition, these 3 parts symbolize the earth, man and the sky. In this case, man is in the center. He plays the intermediary by putting in relation the earth and the sky.

This implies the connection between matter and soul, the small universe and the large universe.

tree of life human

It is thanks to the nutrients and minerals provided by the earth that a tree can live. It draws its nourishment directly from the soil. However, this is not enough to keep it alive. It also needs sunlight, water from rain and wind to grow. Thus, we get the 4 fundamental elements present in a tree, including fire (sun), air, earth and water.

🔥 Fire gives it energy, air allows it to move, earth is a basic support and allows it to have its shape and water gives it existence. This constitutes the knowledge of life. Man also has these 4 elements. The legs are earth, the intestines are water, the lungs are air and the head is fire.

Among the concepts conveyed by a tree of life is the origin. Its roots show a feeling of inking. They emphasize the importance of the first source and that all things on this earth have their origins. The Tree of Life also means life cycle, production, creation and continuity of life ♾.


A tree produces fruit that will in turn produce new trees. This is also the case for human beings. In this way, life is passed on from one generation to another.

The Tree of Life also represents evolution. It refers to the evolution of man. In the beginning, men have only one origin, but with time they develop and have given birth to a great diversity of races.

The Tree of Life is also the symbol of generosity. It embodies the generous character of nature. This is due to the many things it can bring. A tree offers food through its fruits 🍊. It also provides shelter and shade as well as warmth. According to Celtic belief, trees have powers.

They are able to protect everything around them. Many people still believe this belief to this day and do not hesitate to create protective totems with wood.

2) The Meaning of the Yin Yang Symbol

☯ The Yin Yang is formed of a circle in which there are two parts. A black part with a white dot and a white part with a black dot. By its nature, the symbol forms a whole and cannot exist without its circle, one or the other of its parts, or the dots.

yin yang sign

Here is the meaning of the different elements that make up the symbol :

The Circle: The circle symbolizes our universe, the one in which we live. It is composed of opposing forces which, when they confront each other, provoke movements and evolutions in the said universe. The circle thus symbolizes the perpetual movement of the world in which we live, thanks to the work of two opposite energies (the Yin Yang).

Black and White Part : The Yin and the Yang are thus two opposite energies, but which are part of a complex whole. According to Chinese cosmology, the Yin (black part) is associated with darkness and water. Yang (white part) is associated with light and earth.

Yin is globally seen in a negative way and Yang in a positive way. Yin is also referred to the dominated and Yang to the dominant. This binary decomposition can be applied to static and dynamic phenomena.

Yin can represent :

  • Femininity
  • The moon
  • Darkness
  • The cold
  • The tranquility

    Yang represents :

    • The masculine
    • The action
    • The sun
    • The light
    • The strength

      bagua yin yang sign

      The Two Dots : The two points white and black remind us that everything is never all white or all black, there is always a part of one in the other and vice versa. Thus they demonstrate that nothing is absolute. For example, there is always a part of good in someone who is bad, and the reverse is also true. White needs black to exist, just as black needs white.

      The Dividing Line : A curved S-shaped line separates the two areas. This S-shaped fluidity reminds us that the two parts are opposed while pushing and yielding from the ground. Thus, one is dependent on the other and vice versa. The Ying and the Yang support each other and manage to form a whole. If this were not the case, there would be no balance between the two forces.

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      Yin Yang Symbol Meaning

      3) Why Yin Yang is Associated with the Tree of Life ?

      ☯ 🌳 The Tree of Life and the symbol of Yin and Yang are a popular couple. Together, these two symbols reinforce the belief that for something to grow and be successful, it must maintain a balance despite opposing forces.

      The roots of the tree are located in one half and the top in the other, together they symbolize the cycle of life and death.

      yin yang and tree of life

      4) The Tree of Life in Different Cultures

      A. Christianity

      ✝ First mentioned in the book of Genesis from the Holy Bible, the tree was the one that grew in the Garden of Eden and was the source of the everlasting life. There are many meanings behind the symbol of the tree of life in Christianity.

      eden tree of life

      While some believe that it is the symbol of humanity free from corruption and sin, others believe that it symbolizes love. The tree is considered to have healing properties and its fruits are supposed to grant immortality.  

      B. Buddhism

      In Buddhism, The Tree of Life is considered the tree of enlightenment, called the Bodhi-Tree. It is under this tree that the Buddha attained enlightenment and is therefore considered a very sacred symbol.

      bhodi tree

      C. Celtic

      The Tree of Life in Celtic beliefs is always an important symbol. Represented in many forms, the roots are representing "the other world", the trunk symbolizes the world of mortals and links the roots and branches, and the branches are the world above, or the sky.

      5) Tattoo with Tree of Life and Yin Yang

      A tattoo of the Tree of Life with the sign of Yin Yang is a beautiful example of two spiritual symbols working in synergy with each other.

      The symbolism contained in this tattoo expresses the importance of balance and can serve as a reminder that harmony in energies helps to grow and prosper.

      Tree of Life Yin Yang Tattoo 1
      Tree of Life Yin Yang Tattoo 2
      Tree of Life Yin Yang Tattoo 3
      Tree of Life Yin Yang Tattoo 4
      Tree of Life Yin Yang Tattoo 5
      Tree of Life Yin Yang Tattoo 6

      6) Conclusion

      The symbol of The Tree of Life coupled with Yin Yang is a perfect example of harmony and unity. While the balance between the branches (aerial part) and the roots (underground part) must be maintained for the tree to be healthy.

      It reminds us that the Yin and Yang energies are also complementary and indispensable to each other, and without this balance nothing can survive.

      Yin Yang tree art


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      yin and yang tattoos

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