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The Best Yin Yang Tattoos

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1) What Does a Yin Yang Tattoo Mean ?

You have often seen this symbol, you know vaguely what it corresponds to... But do you know the real meaning of Yin and Yang ?

☯ The symbol represents the two fundamental principles of Chinese philosophy.
Complementary, they represent the two extremes of a whole and coexist together.

Taoist principles state that the forces of all that exist in the universe are in constant motion. As the movement continues, each of the forces gradually transforms into the other, from Yin to Yang and vice versa.

You will discover here the best Yin Yang tattoo ideas if you intend to get one !

2) Wrist Yin Yang Tattoo

The wrist is one of the most common places for tattoos on the body, it is especially ideal if you want to get a tattoo that has meaning for you.

In ancient times, it was believed that the inside of the wrist radiated spiritual energy, making it a natural place for a symbol that is important to you 👍.

yin yang wrist tattoo

small yin yang tattoo on wrist

yin yang symbol tattoo on wrist

yin and yang wrist tattoos

simple yin yang tattoo on wrist

small wrist tattoo

yin yang inner wrist tattoo

black and white wrist tattoo yin yang

couple wrist tattoo

discret yin yang tattoo

small yin yang tattoo

double wrist yin yang tattoos

tribal yin yang wrist tattoo


Yin Yang Temporary Tattoo

3) Yin Yang Tattoos with Dragon

🐲 The dragon is often represented with the symbol of Ying Yang because it represents quiet strength, protection, kindness but also domination and movement. The dragon is considered as yang energy.

yin yang dragon tattoo

yin yang dragons tattoos

dragon with yin yang symbol tattoo

yin yang badass dragon tattoo

yin yang chinese dragon tattoo

yin yang dragon tattoo designs

big tattoo dragon yin yang

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4) Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo

Koi fish tattoos are often used to symbolize perseverance, the struggles one has overcome or is overcoming in one's own life.

🐟 The koi fish is often associated with the symbol of Yin Yang because in Taoism, yin and yang symbolize the perfect duality, balance and harmony of all things.

The motion of the fish in a circle represents the belief that all things in life are interrelated.

yin yang koi fish tattoo

yin yang koi fish tattoo designs

yin yang koi fish tattoo small

yin yang koi carp tattoo

koi fish yin yang tattoo ideas

koi carp yin yang tattoo

japanese koi yin yang tattoo

carpe koi yin yang tattoo








 5) Wolf Yin Yang Tattoo

🐺 By associating the wolf with the image of yin and yang, the tattoo can be seen as a tribute to the Native American concept of the "two wolves within", or to the belief that each of us has a "dark" and a "light" side.

The tale warns us that whatever side we feed on, it will grow within us, making the yin yang wolf tattoo a possible reminder to nourish the qualities we wish to bring out in us.

wolf yin yang tattoo

wolves yin yang tattoo

two wolves yin yang tattoo

yin yang wolf tattoo designs

yin yang wolf hoodie

6) Sun and Moon Yin Yang Tattoo

☀ The sun and the moon 🌙 are often used to represent male and female features, the conscious and subconscious components of the mind.

Thus the sun and the moon perfectly reflect the concepts of yin and yang; a unique and beautiful tattoo imbued with mystical meaning.

sun and moon yin yang tattoo

sun moon yin yang tattoo designs

sun and moon tattoo

moon and sun tattoos yin yang

sun moon yin yang tattoo 2

sun moon yin yang tattoo 2

sun moon yin yang tattoo 3

7) Cats Yin Yang Tattoo

You need the two opposites in order to find a balance.

🐈 The yin yang cat tattoo represents that balance that all cat owners know ...
What would your life be like without your little hairy companions ?

yin yang cat tattoo

cute cat tattoo

cat tattoo

cat tattoo with yin yang symbol

cat tattoo black and white

8) Flower Yin Yang Tattoo

🌸 Flower tattoos have always been very popular. The addition of the yin yang symbol creates a more unique and meaningful tattoo.

Each flower has a special meaning, so it personalizes the yin yang tattoo by creating something closer to the message.

yin yang flower tattoo

yin yang flowers tattoo

lotus flower yin yang tattoo

flower tattoo

black and white flower tattoo

black and white yin yang flower tattoo

rose flower yin yang tattoo

rose flower tattoo

yin yang flower tattoo design

9) Tree of Life Yin Yang Tattoo

🌳 The tattoo of the tree of life and the yin yang sign is another great example of two spiritual symbols that work in synergy with each other.

The imagery contained in this tattoo expresses the importance of balance and can serve as a reminder that harmony in energy stimulates the ability to grow and prosper.

yin yang tree of life tattoo

yin yang tree of life tattoo ideas

tree of life tattoo

tree of life tattoo with yin yang symbol

yin yang and tree of life

black and white tree of life tattoo

10) Mandala Yin Yang Tattoo

The mandala is a highly spiritual symbol often used in the Buddhist and Hindu religions 🕉.

It is considered to be representative of the universe and the concept that all is connected.

The design of the mandala is perfect for a tattoo and perfectly complements the yin yang imagery, both visually and symbolically.

yin yang mandala tattoo

yin yang mandala tattoo design

yin yang mandala tattoo sleeve

yin and yang with mandala tattoo

yin yang mandala shoulder tattoo

black and white mandala tattoo

back tattoo yin yang mandala

yin yang hindu tattoo

11) Dragon and Tiger Yin Yang Tattoo

The combination of the dragon and tiger with a yin yang tattoo creates a very powerful look.

🐯 The tiger is usually known as the animal that stands for the yin side, while the dragon is associated with the masculine qualities related to yang energy.

These facets ensure the energetic balance of the tattoo itself, making it an excellent selection for all those who wish to bring more harmony into their lives.

dragon tiger yin yang tattoo

dragon and tiger with yin yang tattoo

dragon tiger yin yang tattoo designs

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yin yang tattoo dragon versus tiger

dragon and tiger in yin yang meaning

black and white dragon tiger tattoo

dragon tiger back tattoo

dragon tiger shoulder tattoo

12) Turtle Yin Yang Tattoo

🐢 Meaning of the turtle: Represents protection, longevity and order.

yin yang turtle tattoo

turtle tattoo

yin yang turtle tattoo design

yin yang black and white turtle tattoo

turtle tattoo with yin yang symbol

13) Yin Yang Tattoo for Best Friends and Couples

♥ Couples, best friends and those who wish to commemorate their relationship have often chosen to have the yin yang symbol tattooed.

Some choose to get the same full design tattooed, while others choose to get an individual half tattoo.

If you wish to split the yin yang symbol, you can choose the side you wish to balance within you, or choose a side based on gender.

You can always add additional symbols and images to best represent your connection to the other person.

yin yang couple tattoo

yin yang symbol tattoo for couple

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