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Yin Yang and Koi Fish Meaning

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No matter where you come from, your spiritual beliefs or your religion; Yin Yang is a symbol you have already seen, you are attracted by its meaning and you want to know more about its secrets...

You have come to the right place ! This article is dedicated to exploring the meaning of this mythical symbol and its association with koi fish... 🐟

1) What Do Yin Yang and Koi Fish Mean Together ?

The symbol of Yin yang with the koi fish represent the duality and harmony of life.

☯ The black and white parts of the yin yang symbol that looks like tear drops are in the image of a pair of koi, a male and a female swimming in hamony.

yin yang koi fish

Just as in feng shui la where the koi fish and the yin yang symbol form a single synthesis, they represent man and woman, water and fire creating harmony and wholeness of energy following the flow of life.

The pair of koi fish is also a symbol of passionate love and happy marriage ♥.

As koi fish can swim with the current of a river or against the current, they symbolize the active or passive state, having this adaptability to respond to life and its changes.

Strength and perseverance are essential to achieve change in a life just like wisdom, balance and luck. This is why all these qualities together are a perfect example of the combination between the yin yang and the koi fish.

yin yang koi fish tee shirt

2) The Symbolism of Yin Yang

Yin Yang is synonymous with harmony and balance.

The symbol has its roots in Taoism, a Chinese religion and philosophy. In Taoist philosophy, each polarity contains its opposite, just as the day contains the seed of the night with the moon hidden in the sky, and the night contains the seed of the day with the hidden sun.

These are in fact dualities, black and white, positive and negative, good and bad, man and woman, darkness and light, all the forces of life that seem to be fighting against each other.

yin yang symbol
⚖️ In its essence, yin yang represents balance to keep the energy in motion. As with electricity, both poles (positive and negative) are necessary to keep energy flowing.

The balance between the two opposites in our lives is what makes a person whole and complete.

You can learn more on Yin Yang and it's meaning in this well-written article.

3) The Symbolism of the Koi Fish in Japanese Culture

Legend has it that Koi fish are descended from dragons:

The story goes that a huge school of fish consisting of thousands of koi were swimming in the Yellow River in China.

🐟 They swam up the river against the current until they reached a waterfall.
Thinking that it was an impossible obstacle to cross, many turned back...

However, some fish tried to jump over the fall. They stayed there for hundreds of years until a koi finally reached the top. As a reward for his perseverance and bravery, the river Gods turned him into a golden dragon 🐲.

dragon's gate legend
Today the waterfall is known as the "Dragon's Gate", and some believe that any fish that can still overcome it will also be transformed into a dragon.

When a koi fish is caught, it will not try to run away. With the bravery of a samurai, it waits for the inevitable blade that will take its life 🗡️.

Combined with the ancient symbol of yin and yang, light and darkness, balance in the universe, this image is one of the most powerful and symbolic images known to man. People with a koi fish tattoo do not die, but remain persistent in all aspects of life. Winners or losers, they stoically accept their fate.

koi fish tattoo

4) Koi Fish in Chinese Culture

The carp is considered a symbol of strength because koi swim constantly upstream and against the current 💦.

This is why their image is used to represent strength, independence, perseverance, ambition and luck.

The fish is used symbolically as an emblem of wealth or abundance 💰 because of the similarity in the pronunciation of the words fish and superfluity, and because fish are extremely abundant in Chinese rivers.

bekko koi fish

Due to its reproductive powers, it is a powerful symbol of regeneration, and as it is happy in its own element, it is the icon of harmony and bliss in love.

Fish are reputed to swim in pairs, a pair of fish is emblematic of the joys of union, especially sexual; it is also one of the charms for avoiding evil, and is one of the auspicious signs on Buddha's Footprints;

"The fish signifies freedom from all constraint. As in water, a fish moves easily in any direction, so in Buddha's state, fully emancipated man knows no restraint or obstruction."

ogon koi

The carp, with its scaly armor, which is considered a symbol of martial attributes, is admired because it fights against the current, and is therefore the emblem of perseverance ⚔️. 

5) Symbolism of Koi Fish in Feng Shui

Koi can be represented in interior decoration by works of art such as paintings, drawings, photographs or sculptures 🎨.

It is said that its placement attracts an auspicious abundance and prosperity to your home and life and some choose to have multiple representations of this fish.

Koi Fish Canvas Painting

Koi can be included in a house, either in a pond or in a very large aquarium. If you plan to raise a koi alone, make sure that the water is always clean and well filtered and that there is enough room for it to swim and grow.

6) Yin Yang Koi Fish Tattoos

A koi fish tattoo with yin yang combines the simplicity of the Taoist symbol with the grace and beauty of the koi fish.

Tattooing yin yang and koi fish is as popular with men as it is with women.

The design can be minimal and monochrome or rich in color. The circular nature of the design makes it very easy to place on the body.

Choosing to tattoo where you need to bring balance is a good idea. Choosing to do this kind of tattoo can reflect the internal need and desire for transformation.

Check these 50 Best Yin Yang Koi Fish Tattoos below ! 👇


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