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Yin Yang and Zodiac Animals

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Every religion has its own beliefs and classification schemes according to the lunar calendar. Just like other ancient traditions, the Chinese religion also contains many traditions. 🇨🇳 The traditional Chinese calendar and Chinese Anatomy are the foundations of Chinese Astrology.

1) First, What is Chinese Astrology ?

🌌 Chinese astrology is a belief system followed by the human world. The Chinese beliefs or Astrological beliefs revolve around the celestial inspections, which greatly influence the human social culture, language, and human history.

chinese astrology

During the second imperial dynasty of China, the Han Dynasty, Chinese Astrology came into being. Indirectly, there’s a close association between Chinese philosophy and Chinese astrology. The Chinese astrology consists of the yin yang principle, sun and moon calendar (lunisolar calendar), Chinese zodiac, and the five elements.

A. The Lunisolar Calendar

🌗 The lunisolar calendar is a 60-year cycle, also called the Constructive Cycle. This cycle is separated by two cycles that interrelate with each other. The first cycle constitutes celestial stems (heavenly stems), comprised of yin yang forms of five elements (Wuxing). These five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

lunisolar calendar

B. The Five Elements

They make a creative cycle, because all these five elements create one another e.g., Wood is created by Water. They also make a destructive cycle because all these elements destroy one another, e.g. Fires destroys the Wood 🔥.

C. Animals Zodiac Signs

The second cycle is comprised of twelve terrestrial branches, also called animal zodiac signs. The cycle begins with a rat and ends with a pig. The five elements or stems interact with these twelve earthly branches. The rat pairs with Yang Wood at the start of the cycle. The cycle ends with the Yin Water pig.

yin yang zodiac wheel tapestry


D. The Yin Yang (陰陽)

☯ In Chinese philosophy, every human being is either yin or yang. Yin and Yang are the guiding principles of Taoism. The symbol of Yin Yang is “Taijitu,” that represents T’ai Chi.

Taijitu is basically a circle split into two halves. One side is Yin, which is black with a white spot in the center. It symbolizes darkness, femininity, death, shadow, and night. The other side is Yang, which is white with a black spot in the center. It symbolizes sunlight, positivity, energy, masculinity, and birth.

yin and yang sign

Both Yin and Yang are opposite to each other but works in cycles. But they’re always bonded and knotted. First, Ying grows with more energy and continues to grow until it comes to fruition. This is the point when Yang begins to grow. The energy then transfers to Yang. The energy of Yang starts waning and converts to Yin energy.

⚖️ The concept of the yin-yang principle illustrates that the two opposite things in nature keep each other bonded. Yin-Yang is balanced with five elements. In Chinese astrology, an individual’s personality and character trait is determined by the yin-yang properties of elements.

2) The Great Race: Origin of the 12 Animals in Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese calendar consists of twelve zodiac animals. The order of the Chinese zodiac animals is Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig, named after the characteristic of animals. There’s a great legendary story that explains the sequence of the above Chinese zodiac animals.

jade emperor

It is said that the great hero of the Chinese religion Jade Emperor held a race in which all the animals in the world had participated. The species that participated in the race were: pig, monkey, dog, rooster, snake, sheep, dragon, horse, ox, rabbit, rat, and tiger.

🏁 For taking part in the race, each Jade Emperor named each Chinese month with the animals. The race determined the sequence of animals.

Cunning Rat and Assiduous Ox: To win the race, every animal had to cross the river. So, the rat 🐀, after getting up early, ran towards the river but it could not cross it. The rat saw an ox coming towards the river. The rat, through its sneakiness, convinced the ox to make it sit on its head. When both crossed the river, the rat jumped and ran away. In this way, the rat is the first creature to start the cycle; the second is the ox.

Aggressive and Fast: The tiger was on the third number because it had difficulty crossing the river. 🐇 The fourth one was a rabbit that crossed the river by stepping on the floating log and hopping on the stones.

The Good Looking: A mythical creature that threw fire from its mouth was ranked fifth because Jade Emperor instantly noticed it. 🐍 The snake was on number six, right after the dragon.

Kind and Humble: Horse and goat 🐐 came across each other. When they arrived, the Jade Emperor was very impressed because of their kindness and humbleness towards each other. In this way, the horse and the goat were ranked seventh and eighth, respectively. 

The Clever Ones: 🐵 The jumping monkey and rooster were unable to cross the river. So, they built a raft and crossed the river. They were ranked ninth and tenth.

The Final Two: The dog and pig 🐷 were left behind. The dog started splashing the water instead of crossing it. The pig was hungry, so it stopped by many places to get food. Hence, they achieved slots eleven and twelve, respectively.

3) Animals of the Chinese Zodiac Associated with Yin Yang

The Chinese calendar comprises twelve lunisolar years, which are named after the twelve Chinese zodiac animals 🌒. The sequence order of animals was determined by Jade Emperor, who organized a race for giving the Chinese calendar names and order.

chinese zodiac wheel

The yin yang principle is a Dualism or Taoism concept that explains how two opposite forces complement the presence of each other. The theory of yin yang is associated with the Chinese zodiac because it determines how the animals match up to each other.

Rat and Ox

The rat denotes wisdom and intelligence, and the ox personifies diligence 🐃. If you’re not diligent or hard-working, you can only be smart. You are a big fool if you work-hard but not smart enough to use your brain. To attain success, there must be a balance between diligence and wisdom.

Tiger and Rabbit

🐯 The tiger always represents the symbol of bravery and the rabbit symbolizes caution (avoiding mistakes). If you cannot take a risk because you’re cautious, you’re just a coward. If you are brave but not cautious, you only create confusion.

Dragon and Snake

🐲 Flexibility and strength are symbolized by snake and dragon, respectively. If you aren’t flexible and only deal with strength, you will end up being self-destructive. You can easily be controlled if you do not show any flexibility. The Chinese ancestral traditions used to keep a balance between these things.

Horse and Goat

🐴 The horse symbolizes how we can pursue our life goals and the goat represents how to help others and stick together. You’ll be a victim of opposition and clash if you aren’t able to help others. You can easily reach your goals when you take others into account.

Monkey and Rooster

🐓 They both represent swiftness and stability. If you’re clever but always change your plans, then you fail to be succeeded. If you’re not stable, the rigidity of the world hinders you.

Dog and Pig

🐶 The dog presents faithfulness, and the pig represents tolerance and relaxation. If you’re loyal without being tolerant, then you can lose self-respect. Every nation and team should be tolerant and patient about their goals.

The Chinese zodiac has been expressed by the ancient traditional Chinese. The animals help us imply characteristics according to them. For holistic guidance, you can use the yin yang theory because it explains your personality trait.

4) Yin Yang Animals in Western Astrology

In western astrology, different animal zodiacs are implemented. These zodiac signs are associated with four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. The masculine signs are fire and air. The feminine signs are water and earth.

western astrology

♐ Let’s have a look at animal zodiacs and which of the signs are yin and yang in western astrology.

Yin Zodiac Signs:

  • Virgo – The Virgin
  • Taurus – The Bull
  • Cancer – The Crab
  • Scorpio – The scorpion
  • Capricorn – The goat’s horn
  • Pisces – The Fish


Yang Zodiac Signs:

  • Aries – The Ram
  • Gemini- The Twins
  • Leo – The Lion
  • Libra – The Scales
  • Sagittarius – The Archer
  • Aquarius – The Water Bearer

5) What is your Yin Yang Compatibility ?

There’s always a polarity difference between yin yang and the animal zodiacs. There are amazing compatibility facts between different zodiac signs with respect to yin yang polarity differences. Let’s have a look at which of the zodiac signs have yin or yang polarity.

  • Aries – The Ram: Yang Polarity
  • Gemini- The Twins: Yang polarity
  • Leo – The Lion: Yang polarity
  • Libra – The Scales: Yang polarity
  • Sagittarius – The Archer: Yang polarity
  • Aquarius – The Water Bearer: Yang polarity
  • Virgo – The Virgin: Yin polarity
  • Taurus – The Bull: Yin polarity
  • Cancer – The Crab: Yin polarity
  • Scorpio – The scorpion: Yin polarity
  • Capricorn – The goat’s horn: Yin polarity
  • Pisces – The Fish: Yin polarity

As the yin and yang are the opposites, but the people with yin zodiac signs can find attractiveness with people of yang zodiac signs. Due to the natural differences, the people with yin and yang zodiac signs can be beneficial and compatible for each other 👍.

Zodiac Necklace

If you’re friends with people of yin zodiac signs, they can be very creative and attractive. You can both find peace in each other. If you’re friends with people of yang zodiac signs, they may have a good time with you. They can be sexually compatible with you. Your yang fellow can fall in love with you, and you both can have a lot of things in common 💙.

yin yang compatibility


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