dragon and tiger in yin yang

Dragon and Tiger in Yin Yang

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🤔 Have you ever wondered why everything in nature comes in opposites ?

Why existence-laws are based on the principle that all things are inseparable yet contradictory opposites? Do you notice how peculiar this thought is?

Mother nature never fails to amaze us !

opposed natural forces

Whether it’s the tiniest form of matter or the far away massive galaxies. It always comes up with something spectacular. The artwork of nature, we must acknowledge, is truly amazing 🍃.

Now I must let you in on a secret.

Even when you're agreeing with what I mentioned, we scarcely pay deep attention to the asymmetry and harmony of our surroundings. Thanks to our materialistic world, it seems like there is no room for discovering the true essence of existence anymore.


Are you curious enough to go deeper and question the nature of everything that exists and how the masterminds interpenetrated the ultimate answers ?

1) First, What is Yin Yang ?

Since ancient times, masterminds and sages from all cultures put a keen interest in the mapping of the Universe. They came up with this flawless conclusion that “ultimate reality is a unity of opposites”.

☯️ The Yin and Yang theory supports this thought-pattern. The principle dates back as far as 3rd century BCE, when Chinese philosophers deeply attuned with the rhythms of the Universe, observed ways in which life was fostered in every entity, and then, imitated those principles.

yin yang sign

This philosophy of dualism portrays how apparently opposite or contrary energies may actually be compatible, interlinked, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to one another as they interconnect to each other. Even modern Science support this theory with hardcore facts 🔬. 

Let me a bit more specific, see this table for instance.

Frame of Reference






Aesthetic values















Moral values




A. The Yin Yang symbol

The earliest form of the Yin-Yang symbol is hidden within the mist of antiquity. As it is believed to be evolved through different diagrams over time.

Ancient Chinese used to do an art called Xiang- an imaginary diagram making. The goal of those diagrams was to create the patterns of the universe as per according to the vision of Yi Jing. The symbol of Yin-Yang thus grasps its roots in Taoism.

yin yang symbol

It has been divided into two sides each of which has one dot. The white paisley has a black dot and the black side has a white dot. The Dark side has a seed of goodness and so is it with the light side.

There is a line at the middle by which two sides are being separated called Dao that indicates “the way”. It tells us that the ideal position for a human is neither in chaos nor in order but rather in need to have both, in an impeccable manner to attain stability. Learn more about Yin Yang in this dedicated article !

2) The Symbolism of the Dragon in Chinese Culture

🇨🇳 Chinese history is rich in beliefs, faiths, philosophies, mythologies, and cultures. Chinese people, concerned with respect for rituals and traditions, show great importance to the symbols and meanings associated with flowers, animals, numbers, and so forth.

chinese dragon

To give you a better picture, here we will discover the symbolism of dragon and tiger by tracing back to Ancient China.

A. Origin of the Chinese dragon

🐲 Chinese dragon, widely known as Long or Lung, is a legendary creature. The idea emerged from Chinese mythologies and tales. The dragon comes in various shapes and kinds; Qinglong, Yinglong, Panlong, Wanglong, and Xinglong.

It is also one of the 12 members of the Chinese zodiac animals.

yin yang dragon ring

B. Powers of the Chinese dragon

Strangely, the dragon’s image is quite different from the western dragon.

Instead of having an official or fixed image, throughout history it undergoes several changes and is different in different phases of ancient China, according to written records.

dragon powers

Shuowen Jiezi, the first Chinese dictionary to analyze the structure of Chinese characters, asserts that the dragon is the lord of creatures with scales, it has the power of moving from dark to bright, and is a shapeshifter that can transform itself into a longer, shorter, bigger or smaller form.

When in the Spring Equinox, it would fly in the sky, in the Autumn Equinox, it would swim in waters.

Despite the variations, the current form of the dragon that is mutually believed follows;

  • Head of a camel, horns like deer, ferocious eyes, and an extended beard
  • Ears are sharp like an eagle, snaky neck, belly of a frog, scales of a carp
  • Paws of the tiger, claws of an eagle
dragon in chinese culture

The dragon is the royal emblem of Chinese rulers. It symbolizes good fortune, wisdom, dominion, modesty, kindness, and strength ✊🏻.

Moreover, the Chinese dragon is believed to have control over rainfall and floods as well. Due to the possession of such powers, it is usually interlinked with sacredness.

3) Symbolism of the Tiger in Chinese Culture

Throughout Chinese history, the tiger has aroused a sense of wonderment and amazement: its mastery, capability, beauty, and the symmetry of the opposites 🐯.

The tiger contains the message of life and embraces the spirit to achieve and make progress.

chinese tiger

In Chinese mythologies, tigers kill the evil man and protect noble ones. It is also the third animal in the 12 members of Chinese zodiac animals.

The appearance of a Chinese legendary tiger is the same as a normal tiger. Although there is classification in terms of powers and colors they possess 🐅.

The white tiger is considered as the supreme one who can rule over others. Ironically, the pattern on the forehead of a tiger is very similar to the Chinese character "king".


Tiger is a symbol of modesty, savagery, power, and courage. Despite its association with ferocity and sternness, in many Chinese families, the emblem of the tiger is crafted in clothes or hanged at home to ward off any semblance of harm.

In certain areas of China and Asia, the Tiger is believed as the lord of Wealth 💰.

On of the reason why Chinese adore the tiger is due to the mythology once believed by ancient people. According to that legend, the five tigers governs the cosmic forces, preventing the Universe from a collapse.

4) Dragon and Tiger in Yin Yang Symbol

Just as above we discussed the principle of Yin Yang, the tiger and dragon energies have high affinity towards this fundamental concept. This will help you to understand the Chinese philosophy and culture in depth.

dragon tiger yin yang symbol white

The tiger vs dragon energy is a sign of harmony between contrary forces. When these energies are stable, peace can be found within every form of life ⚖️.

The Chinese have an interesting idiom: "the tiger and the dragon".

This show us the essence of life as how nature works and let the opposites flow in a same wave. Both the dragon and the tiger are mortal enemies with one being offensive, and the other being defensive. With neither able to defeat the other, these kingly beasts exemplify the balance of power, coming together to support the claim of Yin and Yang.

black and white tiger dragon

👉🏻 They can also be referred to as the Dragon denoting Spirit/Paradise, whereas the Tiger denoting Matter/Earth.

A. The tiger is Yin

The Tiger portrays the Yin or feminine vital energy. It correlates to Yin energy due to following features.

  • Tigers have high pitch.
  • Tigers are receptive and attack enemy with planned strategy.
  • Its element is metal.
  • King of tigers is white in color.
white tiger

It is an personification of deliberation and nerve. Instead of reaction straight away, it observe and patiently stalks its prey, is passive, dark, king of all beast, and downward seeking.

Tiger is territorial and usually solitary in nature, with its powers coiled and hidden deep within.

B. And the dragon is Yang

🐉 Dragon is active, bold, extroverted, restless, upward seeking, and projects a masculine air. Following attributes asserts it to be in Yang side.

  • It acts suddenly.
  • Element is wood.
  • Shows lots of movement.
  • Massively destructive.
  • Color is green.

The Dragon is vicious and catastrophic and associated with the Earthly Branch. All of these characteristics makes it a good fit in Yang side.

dragon statue

As its nature is very physical and acts quickly, it needs a competitive partner. Here is where the tiger’s part comes in, as it can temper and challenge the force of dragon anytime.

So, the Yin Yang of these two powerful creatures results in an ideal balance ☯️.

5) Dragon and Tiger in Feng Shui

When you do Feng Shui, you tell the Universe that you want a better life- first by setting your intentions and then by taking actions.

Feng means “wind” Shui means “water”. This Chinese geomancy dates back as far as 960 B.C.

The traditional practice seeks to promote prosperity, good health, and general well being by arranging buildings, objects, space, and surroundings in a particular manner that ultimately leads to harmony and balance in life 🙂.

feng shui balanced life

After centuries, Chinese people and many regions in Asia still show great enthusiasm towards this practice. 

Both Tiger and the dragon is an auspicious symbol in feng shui and are believed to influence the lifepattern in one’s life. 

As the white tiger is the heavenly guardian of the west compass direction, it determines the luck and wealth of your lineage. Dragon, the metaphor of masters and outstanding people, helps to level the playing ground of wealth and success 🏆.

feng shui dragon

So Altogether, these two mystic animals bring fortune and balance in one’s life.

When the balance between tiger and dragon is disturbed, the family bloodline and future is in trouble. This is one reason the two energies should be in a union, and not divided, which is self-destructive.

A. Stabilizing the dragon and tiger energy in your home

  • We all dream to plant some indoor greenery. Who thought that this aesthetic desire has its hidden benefits as well. Plant anything of green color, you admire 🌱. Make sure that it’s on the left of where you usually sit. As the plant grows, in the classic Dragon direction, it will create sense of clearance in your mind, making you the master of wise decision.
  • Planing to add flair to your home decor by adding pictures ? There you have it. Whether it’s your high school pictures, or of your loved ones, position them in the west sector of your home. This will activate the powerful presence of the tiger. Be sure to use metal frames to further activate the vortex of energies 🌀.
  • Ever thought maybe you already have some feng shui tiger energies in your home ? A cat is the living embodiment of tiger energy 🐱. If you own one, now you know that’s the right thing.
  • Placing decoration piece that are round in shape or have a fluid movement is also considered to secure the family's wealth 💴.

6) Conclusion

It’s the harmony of things that makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay. We know the word happiness would lose its essence if it were not balanced with sadness.

dragon tiger design

It is a fact of life, a quirk of nature. If this could be put together in one sentence it would be:

“All paradoxes may be reconciled”

Do you love Tiger & Dragon ? This Yin Yang Dragon and Tiger Wall Decal will bring strength to your home !

Dragon vs Tiger Wall Decal


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