Dragon and Phoenix Symbolism with Yin Yang

Dragon and Phoenix Symbolism with Yin Yang

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1) Symbolism of the Phoenix in Chinese Mythology

🔥 “As the Legend goes. When the phoenix resurrects from flames, she is even more beautiful than before”.

A. Appearance of the phoenix

Apparently, it is symbolized by the bird whose head is the head of a pheasant and body of a duck.

It has the tail of the peacock, beak of the parrot, and legs of a crane. The phoenix exemplifies a total number of six celestial bodies starting from the head that is the sky, eyes in the sun, back is the moon, wings are considered as wind representing the character of being speedy, feet are earth, and the tail is the planets. 🪐

phoenix appearance

🦚 The bird has prismatic feathers that mainly have five basic colors including black, white, red, blue, and yellow.

B. Power of phoenix

Its main concept is a rebirth from the ashes that shows its immortality. It possesses qualities like grace and high virtue, due to which it is also used in the decoration of the weddings and several royal ceremonies.

C. Fenghuang

Phoenix is also known as Fenghuang. In ancient beliefs, Fenghuang symbolized the union of both genders: males and females.


Later its concept was merged, giving rise to another concept that the phoenix represents feminist or queen ♀. The major qualities associated with it are harmony and prosperity.

D. The phoenix is paired with yin

☯ If we talk about the phoenix alone, it exhibits yang energy. However, when we mate it with the dragon or consider their combination, then the phoenix appears, revealing the yin energy.

Together they both, I mean when dragon unifies with the Phoenix, they are symbols of love and accomplishments.

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dragon phoenix necklace

2) Symbolism of the Dragon in Chinese Mythology

If the sky could dream it would be the dream of Dragons".
Lona Andrews

A. Appearance of the chinese dragon

Let's start with how it looks like !

🐉 Dragon apparently looks more like a yearning snake having the razor-sharp claws and have scales on its body resembling a dinosaur. It has maniacal eyes and horns.

It is believed that the dragons inhabit the water. According to venerable Chinese, there are four kinds of dragons. The celestial Dragon, spiritual Dragon, earth dragon, and the dragon of clandestine treasures.

chinese dragons

In the major religion of China called Taoism, it is a depiction of a central ubiquitous force called the central way or Tao.

B. Power of the dragon

Dragon is taken as the trace of the power and leadership therefore emperors were usually assigned with the title “sons of dragons”.

It has deep links with the Chinese past and culture and they are also believed to be the ancestors of Chinese people. This sign represents the incessant and instigating spirit in Yazi, keeping trot with the time.

dragon powers

According to Chinese myths, a dragon has 9 sons named Bixi, Qiuniu, Yazi, Chaofeng, Pulao, Chiwen, Xi'an, Suanni, Fuxi which are utilized in various spangles and sculptures. Dragon increases the vigor of life with its breath.

🐲 It is capable to excite the chi energy and release water like the owner of the ocean. Chinese people believe that when the dragon symbol is placed at home, it will appall evil spirits and will protect you from the negativity.

C. Dragon in chinese mythology

Dragon in Chinese mythology is an auspicious, imperial, Potent, and humane symbol.

It has clout over the water. E.g rain or flood. It is extra powerful and flies along with the lightning and thunder. This symbol is taken positively and is considered a source of good luck. 🍀

dragon in mythology

Dragon does not exist in real-life and there is no evidence on the earth for its existence but according to Ursula K.Le Guin;

“People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by the dragons from within”.

It is also a crucial symbol in Chinese astrology and is one out of the Chinese zodiac signs.

D. Dragon is paired with yang

Generally, when we talk about dragon we think it is a scary and monstrous creature but in Chinese beliefs, it has its relation with the good so it is affiliated with the Yang part of Yin Yang. ☯

dragon is yang

It is considered the source of welfare and treasure. It represents the ticklish and dispersed fighter with different fighting strategies and intelligence to see its opponents blow.

Dragon energy is generally male, extroverted, sky centered, and bold ♂. It is a clue for wise and sagacious who is able to concentrate for a long. Its sign is used in the paintings and jewelry to get benefits from it.

3) Dragon and Phoenix in Feng Shui

Feng Shui captivates the positive energy in the home. It is one of the most relevant practices in the world that is usually done by keeping the symbols in specific directions following the guidelines provided by Feng Shui to stimulate decisive and clear kinds of energies at home 🧭.

dragon phoenix feng shui

Dragon and Phoenix collectively make the most powerful match. Dragon as yang and Phoenix being yin applause each other. Their balance is crucial and increases the matrimonial delight or bliss as they are the terminal motif of delight.

When Dragon and Phoenix are kept together, they shape the balance between Yin and Yang. Due to which a congenial environment is created that brings luck and love to the relationship for its nourishment.

dragon and phoenix

It shows that men and women will perpetually be happy together and will get outstanding accomplishments in life. Dragon is the basic infrastructure of the Feng Shui studies that have clout over cosmic chi and other forces on earth.

It will bring a bright career, better luck, accomplishment, and success to its seekers 🏆.

On the flip side, Phoenix will show us the exceptionally best side of the female. It not only spawns the relationships to become beautiful but can revive the relationships with the flaming energy of a phoenix.

4) Where to Place Dragon and Phoenix in Feng Shui ?

  • Place the symbol of Dragon and phoenix in the southwest area for the love cure and the affection in relationships
  • If you are facing a tough time being lucky and your luck is not working, you should try to place the dragon and phoenix right in the direction of your own Nien Yen. It will enhance the blossom luck.
  • If you are looking to bring some patriarch luck in, you need to place the symbol in the northwest corner of the room.

phoenix bagua

  • Want to get famous ? If you are a showbiz star, politician, or a layman who craves fame, then dragon and phoenix should be at the east of your room. This will give fame and financial stability to all the members of your home.
  • For those who want to be fit, healthy or achieve something, in particular, they want to get knowledge or advancement, they want to be authorized for something, or want to give a status to their family, it’s better to place the conclusive symbol at the east of the living room.
  • Being a bachelor woman who wants to get married and is probing for love, keep it in your nien yen direction.
  • Do not keep the dragon and phoenix in either washroom or kitchen.

5) Conclusion

Some things do not work well alone but can do miracles when they are in perfect combination. A perfect combination might be the term most suitable for the consolidation of Dragon and Phoenix.

Dragon and phoenix, when combine, make a pair of happiness and bliss, but everything is not going to work for you on its own. You also need to get up and put some effort into it. It's just a formula; you need to implement it on your own. You are the one who needs to solve the numerical.

dragon phoenix bracelet set

You can be a dragon and burn everything in the ashes or be a phoenix and rise from the ashes”.

Make your home and surroundings full of positive and healthy energy by the Dragon Phoenix symbol ☯.


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