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Jing QI Shen: The Three Treasures of Chinese Medicine

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The holistic approach of Chinese medicine has interesting assets to approach the different aspects of the person, from a physical, psychological and emotional point of view.

The latter are all important to take into consideration in a preventive way or in the treatment of the disease, including in burn out situations 🤯.


Beyond Yin and Yang, Chinese medicine considers that what defines an organism is its essence, the Jing, its energy, the Qi and its spirit, the Shen.

Jing Qi Shen, it calls them the 3 Treasures; San Bao, that is to say their importance and the close link that unites them !

What Are The Three Treasures in Chinese Medicine ?

These 3 Treasures are essential energies that sustain human life. In nature, a process of densification of energy allows us to go from potential to manifest by transforming Shen into Qi and Qi into Jing. Conversely, Jing can be transformed into Qi and Qi into Shen. The 3 Treasures can be seen as 3 levels of densification, 3 different vibratory frequencies.

🔬 Quantum physics is also interested in this passage from potentiality to incarnation in matter. It observes that every element is endowed with a double nature: on the one hand undulatory, with all the characteristics of a vibratory world, on the other hand corpuscular or particulate, with all the characteristics of the physical world.


For each of these Treasures of Chinese medicine, we inherit a capital at birth that we can cultivate, nourish during our life - this will be the "acquired" part.

Jing - Nutritious Essence

🦴 The Jing is the material basis of the physical body. It is energy in the densest, most tangible form of the body (as opposed to Qi and Shen which are progressively more subtle) but has no "material form".

Jing is the primordial energy, transmitted by parents at conception (prenatal Jing). Stored in the kidneys, in the lower Tan Tien, it manifests itself energetically in the cells and tissues of the body. This energy governs the body's growth processes such as the development of bones and teeth, hair, normal mental processes and sexual maturity (if not influenced by environmental factors).


After puberty, the Jing controls reproductive function and fertility, as well as clarity of mind. The Jing moves the human body through the different stages of life: birth, childhood, puberty, motherhood, maturity and old age; it is associated with the body's ability to adapt to change. Jing is a vital force essential to life.

As the body ages, Jing, inherited at birth, gradually burns out. This loss of Jing is accelerated by stress and overwork, emotional excesses, dispersion, drug, tobacco and alcohol abuse, illness, injuries, poor nutrition, sexual intemperance 😔. And the loss of Jing leads to physical and mental degeneration. Conversely, a strong Jing promotes a long and intense life.

In traditional Chinese medicine the Jing is therefore considered very important for longevity. Many disciplines aim to restore the "lost" Jing by restoring the post-natal Jing or acquired Jing. Jing can be preserved and even strengthened through good nutrition, adequate rest, meditation, Qi Gong practice, herbal tonics and acupuncture treatments.


To preserve the Jing, it is also important to cultivate gratitude, generosity and positive emotions (while remaining lucid in the face of life's events).

Qi - Vitality, Energy

Qi, the second of the Three Treasures, is the invisible, intangible life force that allows the body to think and move. Qi gives vitality to the body. It manifests itself energetically through the body's heat, noise and electromagnetic fields ⚡.

Qi comes from the transformation of Jing, food and breathing. It is related to the middle Tan Tien, related to the heart and lungs. It is both immaterial (we cannot see it) and material (we can measure it). When the Jing is strong, Qi automatically appears and circulates through the meridians to nourish and preserve internal fluids, tissues and organs.


When the flow of energy in the meridians stagnates, certain symptoms may appear: feeling like a plum pit in the throat, pain moving around, .... Disturbed, blocked or unbalanced Qi movement in the meridians, deficiencies or imbalances of Qi in the various organs (Zang Fu) can be the cause of diseases 🤒.

These imbalances can be relieved by adjusting the flow of Qi, the flow of energy in the body, using various therapeutic techniques, including herbal medicines, special diets, physical practices such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi and other internal and external martial arts, moxibustion, massage and acupuncture.


Shen - Soul, Spirit

The Shen, assimilated to the "spirit", "psyche" or "soul", is a manifestation of the superior nature of the human being. It is the spiritual, immaterial energy in relation to the higher Tan Tien. Shen presides over emotions such as global awareness or virtues such as wisdom, love, compassion, kindness, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance ❤.

Shen is developed through the interaction of Jing and Qi energies. The body and mind are therefore One, or in other words, as quantum physics states, the unity of body and mind is self-evident.


These 3 energies inherited from the father and mother at the time of conception combine in the developing fetus. Jing is the founding substance of the organism and is responsible for nourishing the tissues. The Qi emerges from the circulation of Jing which circulates in the tissues, it supports the body's metabolism. Shen governs the body, energizes the Qi and forms a strong connection of vibrational energy.

Both parents contribute energetically to the conception of the baby 👶. It is therefore important for both parents to be healthy before conception, which is currently confirmed by the concepts of epigenetics. A healthy and balanced diet, massage, acupuncture, physical practices, harmony within oneself and within nature are all methods that allow us to nourish these 3 Treasures.


🕯 To illustrate, the candle metaphor can be used.

  • The light it produces is the SHEN: the spirit
  • The flame is the Qi: vitality
  • The wax is the JING: the body

We are not all born with the same candle, it's not very fair, but that's the way it is. As for the flames, if some tremble and smoke, others will burn brightly and evenly. And not all flames produce the same quality and quantity of light...

Only one thing is certain: the candle will always burn out... But when and under what conditions, that is the question.


The 3 Treasures of Chinese medicine must be taken care of, and everyone is responsible for them.
You can already see what we are going to insist on, because even if the 3 Treasures are well linked together in many ways, to defeat this terrible virus we will have to boost the Qi and make Shen an ally rather than a source of disturbance.

If I summarize, today more than ever we need a maximum of vitality to resist the attacks and calm our mind if it is anxious ... especially not to live in confinement of extreme situations that we might regret later.


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