How to Balance Yin Yang Energy

How to Balance Yin Yang Energies ?

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⚖️ “Nature is balanced, the world comes in pairs, Yin and Yang. Right and wrong. Men and women. Because what’s pleasure without pain ?”

If you feel an imbalance in your life or mood and you go pretty high at the time that means the Yin Yang balance at that specific time would have been very low for you.

how to balance yin yang

All the things existing in nature are due to Yin and Yang and so does it have a huge impact on the creation of one’s personality.

From how you look physically to how you talk is all under the impact of Yin Yang forces as said by Lao Tzu;
Countless words count less than the silent balance in Yin Yang energy.

Let’s dig deeper and discover how we can balance the Yin Yang energy.

1) What are Yin and Yang Energies ?

Chinese word Qi illustrates the approach of influential curing energy, which states there is a role of qi energy in each and everything in the Universe inclusive ourselves ⚡.

Yin-yang energy is like a tide that flows throughout our body and acts as a link in our organs. Balancing this energy is a basic factor of the traditional Chinese medicine method.

chinese medicine

In case our yin-yang energy runs out of proportion it can happen because of yin or yang. Ying and yang are contrary yet the same in nature. A strong balance of yin and yang is known as wu Wei.

A. Yang energy

The blazing quintessence of the sun at mid-day. The energy expressed as strongness, quivering sounds, high spirited colors, bright lights.

🌳 Tall plants and mountains. Your office where there is a feeling of being active and working, sports area, gym are all the things that give you feeling of being alive and active right ?

They also represent strength ultimately so this is all the Yang is about.

tianzi mountains china

Tianzi mountains in China

B. Yin energy

The mystery and calmness of night. The soothing air, the moon that you love to stare at nights 🌙.

The relaxation when you rest in your bedroom. Calm colors that give you a soft look. The music that calms you, the sounds that soothe you like the sound of water coming from the fountain, or the images that give your relaxing feelings are all about yin energies.

full moon

Not just that passiveness, the twilight, northern slope, female, liquid, moisture, earth, downward or backward seeking, cold, consuming, and all the docile effects or aspects of things are also considered as yin.

2) Yin Yang Energies as a Combination: Yin Yang Theory

Yin Yang energies when combined by their respective Yin-Yang aspects yield four combinations as Yin of Yin, Yang of the Yin, Yin of the Yang, Yang of the Yang which allows a huge scale of all qualities.

The theory of Yin Yang has significant importance in Taoism. Further ideas like Bagua and that of eight trigrams or hexagrams also got their roots from Yin Yang.


According to the Yin Yang theory, all the things in the world are ruled by opposite but interdependent forces ☯.

The passive behavior of things is represented by yin while the yang is a representation of active behavior. The concept of each yin or yang cannot stay sole and it is important to understand both at times for getting the real concept of it.

This concept applies to the whole universe as there needs to be outside for the inside.

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3) Yin Yang Balance in Body

In the human body, the Yin Yang balance can be conceived as the balance of the Human Automatic nervous system 🧬.

The automatic nervous system acts unconsciously and influences heart rate, respiratory rate, digestion, and sexual arousal. Sympathetic and parasympathetic are the main components of which the nervous system is composed of and it is always operational.

yin yang balance in human body

image from

It needs a balance between both systems to work in order and yin should be more active than yang to keep the body balanced and homeostatic healthy quality state.

The human body is also governed by the theory of Yin Yang in our brain, for example, there is a peripheral nervous system that divides further into involuntary and somatic components representing yin and yang respectively.

4) Imbalance of Yin and Yang

The term “imbalance of Yin and Yang” refers to the excess of yin or yang. You might face a lot of problems physically as well as emotionally if there is an out of balance in yin and yang energies 😫.

A. Yang deficiency

Are you wondering if you have Yang deficiency too ? Here are some common symptoms that you should know to sort it out for you.

  • Slow pulse rate
  • Tongue become pale or bluish
  • Swollen face
  • Edema around your eyes
  • Poor circulation in the heart with the pain
  • Very low appetite
  • Demotivation and sense of hopelessness

B. Yin deficiency

Yin deficiency can lead you to the following conditions

  • Very strong and rapid pulse rate
  • The tongue becomes red or yellow coat which may be due to the burning of body fluids inside you
  • Redness of face
  • Redness of eyes
  • Rapid circulation of the heart causing the heartbeat to become fast
  • Feelings of frustration and anger
  • High appetite where the patient may eat but that does not causes him to gain weight

5) Importance of Yin Yang Balance

Life is all about balance ⚖️.

Starting from the smallest atom where positive and negative charges combine to the creation of the whole human where he holds both positive and negative attributes in him.

All of this works based on the balance between yin and yang. Now for what happens if the balance is disturbed ? Consider yourself always thinking negative or always resting without doing work, or always staying in the darkness and silence.

yin yang imbalance

Most probably you will end up either dead or being in an asylum. It is not just about us, the whole universe works on this principle. Can you imagine living with no sun only the moon ? Or no moon only the sun ? 🤔

Nature itself is a huge example of yin yang it is well said by Joseph Raffael that;
I have learned from nature that all are equal, all are equal and balanced, I see everything fitting together.

Maintenance of Qi energy (also called chi energy) flow is as important as the creation of this whole universe was.

6) 10 Ways to Balance Yin and Yang Energies

The following are some ways by which you can keep your yin and yang energies in order.

  1. Eat organic and natural food

    Yin Yang closely relates to the concepts of Taoism and Taoism strives to keep us close to nature.

    The farther we move from nature more will we see our self-deviated from Daoism. It is advised to eat natural food over processed because they are good for keeping our body balanced and they also give us more nutrients as compared to the food that is being processed 🥦.

    healthy food

    Heavy processing of food causes them to lose their essential nutrients. Stay away from trans-fat and eat natural food like fish, eggs, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Keep track of your micronutrient intake and consume them in an efficient way.

    1. Fight for yourself and grab opportunities

    It’s not wise to wait for the opportunities to come and knock at your door.

    It leads yin energy in you to become dominant, and you become slow as yin energy is inward and passive. Ultimately it will negatively affect your career. Not just career, it will also make you dull, socially and lively absent and psychologically sick.

    fight for yourself

    Try to be active and grab the opportunities yourself for you and by doing that you can make your career, settle the finance, and make things running like the way you want them ✊🏻.

    1. Develop habit for mind exercises regular Yoga practice

    It is not recommended to do a lot of exercise in case of both yin or yang deficiency but gentle exercises are always recommended.

    yoga practice

    Those exercises should have the element of mindfulness and re-balancing of yin and yang. Developing the regular practice habit for yoga can be beneficial as yoga helps you to stay in shape as well as it keeps your body working 🧘🏻‍♀️.

    It also connects your mind to your spirit and aligns you as a whole which is ideal for the balance in your body.

    1. Go for the morning walk

    We need to walk along with the sun rays because it refreshes and gives us the energy to start positively. Morning walk with the early sun rays provides you vitamin D, and let you breathe the fresh air 🌞.

    morning walk

    It is also considered a good cardio activity and is a great way for the warm-up if you are going to have a busy routine ahead.

    1. Engage yourself in internal form of martial arts

    If you want to check if you are invigorating Yin energy then try an interesting activity.

    Try to Meditate for just 15-20 minutes daily. Internal martial arts, for example, Tai chi, Baguazhang, or Xing Yang can be useful and have tremendous consequences but it has a Yang component too 🥋.

    tai chi

    You will learn the furtherance of Yin Yang balance by these sorts of activities.

    1. Go for the sleep in time

    If you will have proper sleep your body will work actively and you will be able to concentrate as well as generate, regulate hormones in order to create a good balance between Yin and Yang 😴.

    sleep at time

    After carrying out Yang activities the whole day, your body needs rest to keep the balance maintained.

    So one should sleep as soon as possible to get up early again. You need to follow the verses from a poem that you might have read in your early class books that “early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise"

    1. Balance your financial terms

    Most people are likely to be stressed due to financial issues, which are caused by our own bad choices 💸.

    The idea of getting everything branded and expensive has been responsible for spoiling the mind of this generation. Eventually, we run out of money and end up being stressed and make things even worse.


    We are being materialistic and trying to find happiness in money. Make yourself clear about the essentials and nonessentials in life. On the top, you should also work on the emotional issues that cause you to spend your money unnecessarily.

    Balance your spending with your earning, output with input, and ultimately Yin with the Yang.

    1. Balance yin-yang energies at your home

    Harmony in home decoration not only keeps Yin and Yang energy balanced but it also gives us good feelings and admirable interior.

    Feng shui provides us the best guidelines for the interior decoration of the house, starting from the land to the colors that can make the home appear aesthetically pleasing 😀.

    home decoration

    Our bedrooms should have affiliation with the Yin energy and Yin colors to make us feel more comfortable there. On another hand, a working area like the kitchen should have more Yang energy to keep us motivated and active.

    1. Sound healing

    A powerful sound can do wonder on both physical and emotional level. A soothing sound is something you can enjoy even while working 🎶.


    It can make you focus more as well as it can boost your energy. Modern science also believes in healing by the sound. It stimulates the vital energy flow in the body and spread positive waves. By choosing sounds wisely you can either calm or boost yourself.

    1. Avoid use of drugs and alcohol

    Liver is an organ which is naturally more Yin as compared to other one's but our style of living is a key factor which effect on it indirectly, for example, redundant drinking and drug misuse are considered to be responsible for promoting Yang aspect 🍻.

    avoid alcohol

    Energy unevenness can occur because of it and can cause severe health issues. Fixing it takes a little courage, but results are promising!

    You just need to quit bad habits and try to restrict yourself from inordinate use of alcohol and drugs.

    7) Conclusion

    Remember, Yin-Yang is not just about the integration of male and female or integration of bodies but rather about life and everything within.

    Its imbalance can cause destruction, so it is important for us to work on our site for its balance. Balance is what needs to be focused because you cannot have one without the other.


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