If you are reading these lines, it is because you want to know more about our store, who we are and why we exist. Here are all the answers to these questions.


Our Mission

 We wish to bring together all those who are following the Yin Yang because much more than a symbol, this is a philosophy of life.
This is why this store was born and is totally dedicated to this unique Chinese symbol.
True sign of harmony, our products reflect a deep sense of life and share the values of the Yin Yang philosophy.


An Art of Living

In the quest for balance, we want to share this art of living with everyone for a world in harmony both inside and outside.
“You cannot see light without shadow,
you cannot perceive silence without noise,
you cannot attain wisdom without madness.”

– Carl Gustav Jung

This quote represents well our state of mind, because everything is composed of its opposite but one cannot exist without the other and together they form a whole.

Craftsmanship of the Highest Quality

All our products have a deep meaning and express a vision of the world.


We source all our products from China because it is the birthplace of the Yin Yang philosophy and this is a promise of excellence for us.


We only work with qualified and carefully selected artisans, those who understand better than anyone the deep meaning behind each engraved, printed or carved Yin Yang sign.


A cultural and artisanal craftsmanship to offer you only the best products.

Our Story

“I practice martial arts and after several trips to China, the discovery of Taoism and the Yin Yang philosophy was a revelation for me. I then completely changed my vision of the world and I decided to share it with my entourage and others.”


This is why I created The Yin Yang Shop; to be able to share my experience and my values and help others to symbolize their vision of the world.


– Kendric Kim